Four models of current civilisation development in their folк-tale representation

Oukhvanova-Shmygova, I.F. (2018) Four models of current civilisation development in their folк-tale representation. Європейські культурно-історичні цінності: ретроспектива і перспектива: зб. наук. пр. / за заг. ред. О. В. Зернецької // Державна установа «Інститут всесвітньої історії НАН України». – К.: ДУ «Інститут всесвітньої історії НАН України». с. 54-63.


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The given article presents the analysis of a folk-tale type of a discourse projecting its results to four models of current civilization development. The models accepted as complex and provoking get certain simplifications with a transparency of folk-tale content treating complexity with simplicity but not simplification. The causal-genetic approach (CGA) with its extended semiosis of discourse is applied to reconstruct thecontent of precedent cultural texts within integration of mental (prototypic) structures and variational (speech behavioral) patterns. The database collected and analyzed bringsvarious possibilitiesfor further research processing. Keywords: folk-tale discourse, CGA content modeling, discourse pictures of reality and communicative behavior, content representation and reconstruction, four types of civilization development.

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Теми: Культурно-цивілізаційний процес
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